Melbourne’s commercial and industrial agency, Facey Industrial Commercial hosted Industrial Commercial Partners (ICP) Annual General Meeting, to celebrate the national partnerships successful and revolutionary approach to the Australian real estate market.

The ICP annual conference provided the perfect opportunity for all five agencies to come together to collaborate, assess the achievements in the last financial year and discuss the importance of delivering on ICP’s core values. Facey Industrial Commercial represents Victoria in the ICP partnership.Australian Partner agencies include Link Property Services from New South Wales, FAL Property Group from Queensland, Leedwell Property from South Australia and MLV Real Estate from Western Australia.
The meeting highlighted ICP’s recent success at delivering corporate expertise at a personal level, with on the ground, local knowledge helping clients grow. All partnering agencies are strong in their own markets and share similar values, working together to mutually benefit their clientele. 

Mark Bond from Facey Industrial Commercial explains, “Dandenong continues to be a significant industrial area and it was great to host this year’s AGM meeting showcasing how our company has grown.” The AGM ensures that ICP continues to improve its national knowledge and provides an opportunity to increase its presence across all states with its holistic approach.