2017 saw MLV adopt the social media channels Facebook and LinkedIn, and implement them into the marketing strategy for our business and our direct client’s property marketing.

Social Media Consumption
There is no denying that the use of social media platforms continue to rise and they have cemented their place in the media consumption landscape for Australians.

Interestingly, there has been significant uptake of social media usage amongst Baby Boomers (51-69 y/o) and Matures (70+) in the past few years, with 75% and 64% actively using Facebook in 2017. (Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2017).

Out of all social media channels, Facebook remains the dominant platform and is used by at least 90% of people across all gender, age and location segments.  (Sensis Social Media Report 2017).

Marketing your Property
The MLV Facebook page has a growing captive audience with approximately 500 followers, allowing us to organically market your property to an engaged audience of industrial & commercial property enthusiasts.

To further enhance exposure, reach and engagement of your property we recommend ‘sponsoring’ a post, which means paid advertising of your listing to a targeted audience.

Our marketing team ensures that we target your property to a refined audience based on location, age and gender, interests and behaviors, to ensure optimal reach to this specific market.

Facebook Advertising – The Benefits
We frequently receive genuine enquiry from our sponsored posts, which lead to inspections and can convert into deals.

Facebook advertising is very cost effective in comparison to other available marketing channels, and allows us to refine the audience we are targeting to, to ensure maximum return on investment.

An example from a recent campaign we ran for a property that was For Lease is as follows:

Budget: $150.00
Campaign Objective: Post Engagements (when people perform actions on the post such as  post clicks, likes, shares and comments)
Outcomes Results based on Post Engagements: 9,419 people
Reach: 14,335 (the number of people who saw the post at least once)
Impressions: 24,668 (the number of times the post was on a screen)
Cost per Result: $0.02

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