How do I choose a commercial investment property?

When looking at purchasing a commercial property, the first two factors to consider are:

1. How much space do I need?

2. What areas would be ideal for my business?

From here you can gauge more specific requirements such as presentation, office to warehouse ratio, access to airports or freight services, excess land requirement, truss height etc. All of these factors will depend on the particular business and will vary greatly between organisations.

From an investor point of view, the considerations may include:

1. What is my budget?

2. What are the benefits and risks associated with a commercial or retail property investment?

By working closely with our agents, we can assist you in identifying properties that fit with your investment strategy. Opportunities vary according to location, property size and property type. An investment needs to consider not just the property size but also the type of building and the lease covenant. A modern, well-kept building with a strong lease covenant in place is ideal for the majority of investors and are the two major factors affecting the return or 'yield'. Our agents will assist you in ensuring your investment offers a current market rent and there is a long secure lease in place.

Our qualified and experienced agents are happy to meet with you, to discuss your commercial or investment property needs.

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